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Preparing For An Appointment


Before Appointment Checklist: During Appointment Checklist: After Appointment Checklist:
Valid Health Card Ask for any medication refills if needed Book follow-up appointment if condition is not improving
All current medications Inform secretary of any changes to your address/telephone If you have more questions call the clinic or book an appointment
Appropriate clothing that can be removed if necessary Inform secretary if you have a new health number or health card Please wait 1-4 weeks for test results, to discuss results book a follow-up appointment
Any forms needed to be completed by physician    
1 appointment per patient    


Before Coming In:

  • All Rostered patients of Dr Raheel must call clinic for appointments and do not use other walkin clinic.
  • Make sure to present your valid Health Card to the front desk, if you do not have one you will be charged for your visit

  • Bring any medications you are currently taking, in the original packaging. It is useful for the doctor in case there is a need to change the dosage or stop the medication.

  • It is always recommended to wear loose sleeves for blood pressure checks and injections.

  • If you have any forms that must be completed by the physician, please make sure you have completed your end first

  • This clinic has a strict rule only allowing one patient to be seen per booked appointment


During Your Appointment:

  • If you have any prescriptions that need to be refilled, ask your doctor

  • If there are any changes to your past history whether that be changes to your address, telephone, or a new health card, please update the secretary. It is your duty to provide us with up to date information


After Leaving the Clinic:

  • If your conditioned seems to not be improving, book a follow-up appointment

  • You will be called if it is necessary to discuss your results. If the results are normal no call will be made. You can review your lab results yourself on and using your health card number and location code (see lab websites for details)