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We are dedicated to providing you with high quality, accessible medical care. Our commitment is to work with you to provide the best health care solution in the most efficient manner possible.


We expect patients to treat the staff with respect and consideration. Any abusive behaviour towards staff or other patients will not be tolerated and may result in ending the physician-patient relationship.



Regular appointments may be booked in advance, one business day before you would like to come in or on the day of. Annual physicals, prenatal care or extended appointments may be booked in advance at any time. Please note that reception will ask for a reason for the visit in order to make the proper time allocation as well as room preparation.


Missed Appointments

Patients are expected to arrive on time fo the appointments (10 minutes earlier for full physical). Please note, late arrivals may result in having to reschedule for another appointment. It is the patient’s responsibility to inform the office regarding any cancellation at least 48 working hours in advance for full physical appointments and 24 hours for all other appointments. Charges will apply for insufficient notice.

Missed appointments will be billed directly to the patient according to the OMA updated uninsured services fee schedule.


Staying on Schedule

Patients can be seen as often as medically necessary. In order to help us stay on schedule, to prevent excessive wait times for other patients and to ensure that all patients receive equitable medical services, we reserve the right to limit the length of a visit or the number of items that we can address with you at any given visit. If you feel you may need more time for your visit, please let us know in advance.


Uninsured Services

Not all services are insured by OHIP. Occasionally a patient may require a service that is uninsured. Examples of uninsured services are: sick notes, insurance forms, government forms, employment physicals, travel health, copies of your tests or records, cosmetic procedures, driver’s medical exam and form, etc.


Medical Trainees

Dr. Raheel may supervise medical Trainees including medical students and medical residents. You might be seen by a medical trainee prior to your appointment with you family physician.


No Cell phone in Exam Rooms

Patients and accompanies must refrain from using cellular phones while in the examining rooms.


Prescription Renewal

We are unable to renew prescription medications of any kind by phone or email. Pharmacies may fax prescription renewal request to the office, but patients must allow a 48hr turnaround time for all requests. There will be a $20 charge for the renewal request without an appointment. Prescription medication requires close medical supervision. We will provide you with a longer prescription or repeats if medically appropriate. At every visit please make sure that you have enough medication until your next visit.


Test Results

For confidentiality and patient care reasons, test results are never given over the telephone, without a medical professional’s review. For medical and legal reasons, even NORMAL results can not be given to you by our staff. They must be reviewed with you by one of our medical professionals. Should your results otherwise require attention, we will contact you directly